Hair Salon
in Carrum

Mia Bella Hair Salon in Carrum prides itself on providing the upmost quality hair services for our clients. Our thoroughly trained team welcomes clients with whatever requirements they have in mind. 

Brunette Hair Specialist In Carrum

From hair colour transitioning to hair aftercare, we have the best Brunette hair specialists in Carrum. Mia Bella takes great pride in providing exceptional service. We understand that your hair wants to seem natural, therefore we choose the best products to give you the boost you need.

Blonde Hair Specialist In Carrum

Our blonde hair specialists in Carrum pay attention to the tiniest details of your hair to achieve the blonde you desire. The services offered by Mia Bella Hair Salon are tailored to create your perfect look.

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Kids Hairdresser In Carrum

We know how much your kids love new haircuts. Our expert kids’ hairdressers in Carrum provide you with a haircut that boosts your confidence.

Permanent Hair Straightening In Carrum

We offer the best permanent hair straightening solutions for curly, wavy hair that is hard to style.  Our experts in Carrum make sure your hair is smooth and tangle-free. After treatment, detailed instructions will be given to help you maintain the straight, smooth look that you’ve achieved.

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Balayage In Carrum

Balayage is a smooth, trendy, and easy hair look. It also requires very little upkeep. You can get tones ranging from delicate, natural highlights to something solid and well-defined. Our hairstylists use balayage foils to create a natural look in sections of your hair

Ombre In Carrum

Hair trends have been the biggest in recent years, and ombre style is one of the best. You can choose from an endless variety of bold, soft, vibrant, or natural colours, at Mia Bella Hair Salon in Carrum.

Nioxin In Carrum

Our Nioxin hair care products come in a wide range of options for repairing damage, breaking hair, moisturizing hair, and locking in shine. You may rely on us to take care of your hair. Our haircare specialists provide an in-depth consultation to help you understand your hair condition and select the appropriate treatment.

Ladies Colour In Carrum

Our hair salon offers a variety of services, including haircuts, styling, and hair dyeing. We employ a variety of hair colour procedures and techniques to get the ideal blend of a new look while taking great care. We listen and make suggestions you feel comfortable with.

Goldwell Salon In Carrum

Our Goldwell product line caters to all of your hair care requirements. Our professionals will ensure that your hair has the proper volume and strength.

Blow Wave In Carrum

If you’re having trouble with the thickness or texture of your hair and don’t have time to dry and style it, Mia Bella Hair Salon is the place to go. Our professionals provide services for all hair types, including long, short, wavy, and straight hair. Our blow-dries are designed to last a long time.